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How to Find Your Best Weight as an Intuitive Eater

What to do if you can’t go on another diet…but you do care about your health. And—you can say it!—you’re scared to gain weight.

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Non-Diet Registered Dietitian

I’m not a regular dietitian. I’m an Intuitive Eating dietitian here to free you from diet culture once and for all! Because you deserve peace with food, eating, and your body. (Yes, you, beautiful!)

Raise your hand if you’re seriously confused about weight, health, and nutrition right now.

Those confused AF feelings make perfect sense.
Let me explain why:

🤨 Everyone tells you diets don’t work…but you see people around you losing weight every single day.

🤷🏼‍♀️ You’re told to ‘honor your body’ and practice self-care…but intuitive eaters make you feel like eating a salad is breaking some kind of anti-diet law.

🍪 People say to “listen to your body” but instead of politely asking for salad…yours DEMANDS “junk” food.

🫣 You have a hard time ignoring that eating like that 👆 has gotta lead to unhealthy weight gain…right?!

🤦🏽‍♀️ Even though you’re pretty darn sure that diets are evil…you still care about health. And you don’t want to “let yourself go”.

In this free 1-hour training, I’m spilling the skinny tea and saying what no one in the anti-diet space is willing to say:

Weight actually does matter.
And so does nutrition.

*just not in the ways that you once thought!*

It's not as simple as “Eat anything and everything!!” or

“You’ll be healthy no matter what you weigh”.

But it's also not as simple as striving for a number on some

chart and then suffering until you hit it, either…

There is a non-diet-y middle ground.
And I’m gonna take you right to it.


You’re gonna learn all this:

→ How to break your food rules without gaining weight forever. (It’s possible.)

→ How to find your body’s best weight. AKA your set-point weight.

→ What to do if you don’t like your set-point weight or think it’s too high.

→ How to still care about nutrition and take care of your health without a diet.

Chances you’ll have major lightbulb moments? 100%

Chances I’ll give you a chuckle in the process? 10,000%

So what are you waiting for, girlie?

Sign the heck up!

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