The New Year,

No Diet Challenge


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i see you girlie!

you want to stop dieting…but the idea of zero food rules gives you major anxiety

Maybe you’ve tried going diet-free before… but ended up:

→ Bingeing

→ Feelin’ like crap

→ Mentally spiraling

→ Losing all control around food

(AKA feeling bad)

Or maybe you’re still trying to work up the courage to ditch diets. Because you don’t want to go through all that bad stuff.


It’s 100% Possible To Ditch Your Diet
Without Losing Control Around Food!

In this FREE 1-hour training, I’ll show you exactly how it’s done. Then, I’ll hook you up with 10 days of support in the No Food Rules Facebook group. To help you start 2023 off right!

in less time than it takes to watch Real Housewives....

you're gonna learn ALL of this:

→ What leads new intuitive eaters to binge and lose control around food.

→ The 3 biggest mistakes I see gals make when they break their food rules.

→ EXACTLY how to avoid these missteps when you jump in (or jump back in) to intuitive eating.

→ What it looks like to ditch diets and eat with no food rules WITHOUT losing control.

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Learn the keys to ditching diets without losing control. Watch whenever is best for your sched!


The New Year, No Diet workbook is packed with lightbulb moments & action steps to help you make real progress.


Spoiler alert: a BIG mistake I see gals make is starting Intuitive Eating alone. 10 days of support means you don’t have to!

learn from the queen of no food rules!

(Okay, no one calls me that. But my dog thinks I’m pretty great!)

If we haven’t met yet, hey gorgeous. I’m Colleen! Registered Dietitian, Intuitive Eating Counsellor, and past dieter.

When I first started trying to ditch diets, I was lost, frustrated, and confused. I started my I.E. journey thinking I could just let myself “eat normally”. I mean, it’s eating…how hard can it be? Well, joke was on me because it’s REAL hard!

This training—like ALL the resources I make for you gals—will help make sure you don’t struggle like I did! Cause life’s too short, ya know?!

“Instead of jumping off the cliff and hoping for the best, [Colleen] slowly walks you down a path off the diet mountain!”

- Kristin M

if you’ve ever thought…

👉 "I tried to do what Instagram said and “just eat the donuts” and OOOF. It did NOT work!”
👉 “Intuitive eating might work for OTHER people, but it definitely doesn’t work for me. I’m too far gone!”

👉 “Whyyyy oh why can’t I just eat like a normal person?! Why is this so hard??”

Sign up and BUCKLE up girlie because this training was made for Y-O-U!

learn to ditch diets &
stay in control around food


  • 1-hour FREE training
  • With me, Colleen 🥰
  • PDF Workbook
  • 10 Day of support

Did I mention this is free?

Chances you’ll have major lightbulb moments? 100%

Chances I’ll give you a chuckle in the process? 10,000%